The passion behind our design efforts is to combine precious and exotic materials in a way that symbolizes cultures from around the world. Handmade Bracelets have played an important role throughout history as a luxurious jewelry accessory. That’s what our designs capture.



The artisans who put it all together are meticulous craftsmen who have honed their expertise in Handmade Exotic Jewellery over centuries near the Pearl River and along Hong Kong’s trading harbors.


All of our designer bracelets are handmade from certified genuine leathers of the mighty python found in the Doi Chiang mountains of northern Thailand, or blemish-free pearly smooth stingrays ubiquitous in the sandy flat waters of Indonesia’s 17,000 plus island archipelago.

Our genuine leather, is ethically-obtained, echo sustainable, safe, biodegradable and last more than its faux counterpart, "Vegan leather" which is often created from petroleum-based plastics and polyurethane.

The Metal is 316 stainless steel, triple plated with glamorous 18k gold, sultry 18k rose gold or stunning black platinum. Clasp construction holds tight with no fear of breakage.

All bracelets are available in plain 18Kt gold and sterling silver on request.

Shown here is a black python SHAMAN.