Understanding different cultures and how they use symbolism to convey thoughts and beliefs through art and jewelry has always been a fascination of mine.

This is what guides the designing of the Python exotic bracelet collections. I hope they give you as much pleasure to wear as they did for me to create.
I was born and raised in Sicily where fashion and design has a rich history. It gets in the blood of all Sicilians and has inspired my outlook on life.
World travel is something I will always pursue in search of blow-your-mind experiences. We all dream about it because it’s liberating and inspires us to learn, and expand into better people.
I first spent several years exploring and adoring Middle Eastern countries, and then ventured throughout the chaotically amazing Siam region of Southeast Asia.
These life changing experiences triggered me to open shop in Paris and become a designer of exotic bracelets that represent different cultures from around the world.
Because I love beautiful and rare materials, I’ve initially chosen to design them with leathers derived from the graceful Stingray and the mighty Python. Ancient creatures our forefathers (and mothers) used in crafting jewelry thousands of years ago.
Our genuine leather, is ethically-obtained, echo sustainable, safe, biodegradable and last more than its faux counterpart, "Vegan leather" which is often created from petroleum-based plastics (PVC) and polyurethane.

PVC is not degradable, it simply breaks into smaller pieces. Every bit of plastic that has ever been manufactured is still in existence today.

Helping Protect Nature through Charity


I believe that nature itself is art in its purest form.

Protecting it for current and future generations is of paramount importance, and so it is incumbent on all of us to take measures to preserve her.

This is why we pledge to donate $5.00 of every purchase to the World Wildlife Foundation. For over 50 years this organization has been protecting the future of nature and are worthy recipients of funds from those of us who love and respect nature too.

Thanks to you and everyone for the support you’ve shown by proudly wearing one of the exquisite Python designs that represent art & culture of precious exotic materials in respect and preservation of wild nature.


Our Story

Andrea De Marco | Founder & Creative Designer


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